Your kit includes:

Posts, beams and cross beams at 15x15cm. 
Braces at 15x5cm and hardwood dowels. 
Softwood rafters or joists (whichever is applicable) at 15x5cm. 
Ridge beams at 20x3cm.
Where side panelling is applicable this will come in Douglas Fir as standard – If you would like Oak panelling this will come at a premium – Price on request.
All chosen accessories.
Screw packs for fixing rafters/joists.

What you see in the image above is what you will recieve in your kit plus your chosen accessories. Excepting, decking boards or handrailing for verandas.

Please note, including saddle stones/metal adjustable post feet, the horizontal beam height offers head clearance of 2.2m all round. Please let us know if you require any adjustment to this prior to delivery.


If you’re looking for full coverage both sides and roof, then our garages are perfect for you. They give full protection on three sides and by simply adding our double doors in the accessories section, your vehicle will have full, all round, protection. Garages can also give you a secure shed, workshop or storage area.


Pair of framed, ledged and braced double garage doors. Max measurements: 2.7m total width x 2.2m high:

Double opener Softwood pre-treated windows (width x height):

Saddle Stones (15cm x 15cm) (+49,50)

Metal Adjustable Feet (+35,20)

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