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How it works

At OakSpace, we pride ourselves on producing finely crafted timber-framed buildings that not only serve a purpose but look beautiful. We offer a wide range of buildings, sizes, and roof types. All our frames are made with precision cut, pegged mortice and tenon joints for simple no-fuss installation. Each piece of timber is machined and checked by our skilled craftsmen and produced in our workshops in France using materials sourced locally from renewable supplies. Our national delivery service means we can supply our high quality kits direct to your doorstep. Ready for installation by you, your local builder or one of our registered installers.

5 simple steps to help you build your ideal kit:
Choose your building​
Choose your
Choose roof type/pitch

Step 1: Choose your building

No planning permission required.

No planning permission required for buildings of 20m2 or less. At 15m2, our single bay carports and garages do not require planning permission, just a simple building notice to your local mairie.

Order today from just €2500 ttc.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on producing finely crafted timber framed buildings that not only serve a purpose but look beautiful. 

Proudly made in France

All our buildings are made from French products in France.

1 - Choose your building

Garages: If you’re looking for full coverage both sides and roof, then our garages are perfect for you. They give full protection on three sides and by simply adding our double doors in the accessories section, your vehicle will have full, all round, protection. Garages can also give you a secure shed, workshop or storage area.

Carport: If you want to pull into a space with a roof over your head, why not go for one of our carports. It means you’re protected from sun and rain. You can take your time to get out of your vehicle, gather the kids and your shopping without getting overheated or soaking wet. Protecting your vehicle from the sun, rain and snow will mean it keeps cool and dry. Ready for you to drive away with no fuss. Carports can also give you a dry working areafor all those DIY jobs.

Verandas: Verandas add living space. In fact, if you have a veranda at a height of two metres or more, you’re adding two living spaces, on top and beneath. For all year round use, watch the sun go down, enjoy the view with a glass of wine, around a table with friends and family. If your home has a basement and your living area is elevated above ground, this is the perfect solution to create a usable outdoor area that flows directly from inside to out. Perhaps turn your window in to doors and extend your kitchen or lounge to embrace the great outdoors.

Pergolas: Pergolas are great for creating a cosy feel to a grassed, patio or bbq area. With horizontal timbers (joists), you can enjoy an element of shade and even add a sail or blind to give extra protection. Also perfect for climbing plants (wisteria, roses, bougainvillea, campsus), you can create a natural, fragrant canopy for relaxing, dining or just simply reading a book. They can also give a stylish, architectural element to your garden and be a great addition to any hard landscaped area.

DID YOU KNOW? We even make pergolas that go over an entire 8x4m pool. Even bigger if you go bespoke.

Pool Houses: Love being pool side but don’t always love being in direct sun? A pool house gives you the option to do just this. Sitting poolside with a drink, a good book, shaded from the sun, absolute bliss. Add a bbq area with fridge and you’ve got all you need to spend the entire day. Why not close a small area off with our ‘’changing room pod’’. 

2 - Choose your Size

Choosing your size is easy. Simply measure the floor area that you want to fill (length and width), then choose a corresponding building to fit the area comfortably. Just pay attention to which way you want the building to face. If you want to put the building against an external wall, pay attention to any height restrictions you may have like the gutter height.

3 - Choose Materials

Oak or Douglas Fir? What’s the difference? To begin with, douglas fir represents a cost saving of around 12% against oak. Both timbers offer excellent structural strength and dry in similar ways (all our buildings are made from un-seasoned timber). Wood is a beautiful natural product. As it seasons and ages, you will notice some movement in the wood itself. This is perfectly normal and only adds to the character of your building. Douglas fir is a resinous wood and therefore offers excellent resistance to water. Referred to as a ‘’Softwood’’ it is lighter in weight and therefore easier to manoeuvre. Freshly cut, it has an orange colour to it but as it ages, it turns a beautiful deep silver grey colour. Oak is a ‘’hardwood’’. It’s heavy, hard and robust. It starts life as a fairly soft golden colour and turns silver grey with age. As both woods dry, they increase in strength. Some of our clients choose to leave the wood untreated, but we recommend leaving it untreated for at least a year to allow it to achieve its natural colour. Then a simple outdoor wood treatment product will be just fine but, not entirely necessary as both woods offer excellant resistance to the elements. 

4 - Choose roof type/pitch

Roof type and pitch are really a question of preference and local architecture. For example, if your house and the surrounding houses have steep roofs, go for the 40 degree option. You need to decide what will compliment your home the best. Use our 5 step builder to create a few different options, print them off and look at the images against your house to see which suits best. Hipped roofs give a softer look, gable and mono pitch roofs are more angular and imposing. The latter also give you more volume within the roof space. Ideal if you’re wanting more storage. 

Remember, all our buildings offer a clear head height below cross beams of 2.2m. If you order saddle stones or feet with your kit, we will reduce the height of the posts to cater for these. This can be reduced if needed by simply cutting the bottom of the posts. If you want us to do this for you, simply put this in an email to us after ordering.

5 - Accessories

Doors, Windows, Post feet (saddle stones or height adjustable metal). Just add them to your order and we’ll show you how to install them with our video tutorials.


If you wish to create a concrete base for your building, we recommend a thickness of at least 10cm with reinforcing mesh. You should allow in the region of €120/m2 ttc. Roof coverings start from as little as €50/m2 ttc for sheeting, from €85/m2 ttc for mechanical tiles and from €100/m2 ttc for traditional plain tiles. Guttering from €25/m2 ttc.

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